Another Year of Corny Fun


2014 Dates:

Thursday - Sunday
September 25 - November 2

Hours of Operation


Enchanted Maze


Enchanted Maze


Find Fall the Enchanted MAiZE at Blowing Springs Farm! Minutes from downtown Chattanooga at the foot of Lookout Mountain, the Enchanted MAiZE is a fun-filled, interactive experience for all ages.


Submerse yourself deep inside our specially designed cornfield. As you wind through this maze made entirely of MAiZE your sense of direction will begin to slip, each row of corn begins to look familiar until finally you are lost in the Enchanted MAiZE!!!


Enjoy a day full of Fall fun for the whole family...get lost in the corn, go on a hayride, enjoy a homemade funnel cake, take aim with our corn cannons and back this year - the Critter Corral (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)...all at Blowing Springs Farm! A playground, great food and a world famous See Rock City barn all await.  Bring your family and friends to the Enchanted MAiZE for a fall experience to long remember.


Come back and visit after dark at Blowing Screams Farm and experience the haunts - weekends in October.


Enchanted Maze Check out more pictures of the Critter Corral!


Critter Corral - Enchanted Maze




 Corny Jokes:

Two corn cobs were walking down the street. One cob noticed that they were being followed everywhere they went. 
He turned to the other cob and said, "Don't look now, but I think we have a stalker!"

Enchanted Maze Scarecrow Design Contest




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